Living In A Material World

With teaching on the MSc done with for a while, I’ve had a bit of spare time to work on my engine. As well as the projective lights from the previous post, I’ve finally got round to implementing a basic materials system, allowing me to have differing specularity and brightness values for each […]

On Syndicate

Since I started on my Syndicate Wars remake / OpenGL engine project, EA have announced a remake of their own, due out next month. In many ways it’s quite odd seeing such a complete reimagining of what Syndicate is – I had long since assumed the IP was dead and buried, and had several times […]

Syndicate Wars Map Editing

Part of the fun in decoding the Syndicate Wars map format (beyond the excellent existing work by others) is in being able to make changes to a map, and put it back in the original game. Below are a couple of screenshots of the first Eurocorp level, with all of the ‘map furniture’ sprites changed […]