Gaming Projects

I’ve always had an interest in games, going right back to getting my first computer, a Sinclair Spectrum, in about 1990. Since then I’ve had several Commodore Amigas, and a number of Windows machines. I’d always fancied having a go at game programming, but didn’t really know where to begin. My University Undergraduate degree had modules on C++ and Java programming, which gave me the technical know-how to give it a go. When Doom3 was released in 2004, I used its C++ Software Development Kit to make some little mods for my own amusement, including trying to write some demo recording code, based on the netcode of Quake 2, which had been released as Open Source. It didn’t really work, but the idea of games programming intrigued me. I completed an MSc in Games Engineering at Newcastle University in 2009, and I’m now back there doing a PhD, where I get plenty of opportunity to continue gaming-related activities, as part of the newly created Games Lab.


As part of my MSc, and in my spare time, I’ve made a number of little games and gaming tools, most of which I’ve written about on this site.