BSc Project

Back in 2007, my final year project while at Sunderland Uni doing a BSc in Network Computing was to create a random map generator, supposedly to generate images that could be used to set the scene in pen-and-paper style RPG games. My growing interest in game coding clouded my judgement on how to go about this somewhat, and I ended up creating a Direct3D powered monstrosity, which used a variety of techniques such as perlin noise and voronoi diagrams to generate the landscape. The idea was to then use other algorithms to weather this initial landscape down and add flowing rivers to it, but I never managed to quite get that working reliably.

The overall idea had promise, and I’d quite like to revisit it at some point. A fun little RTS game with procedurally generated landscapes might be interesting to try. It’d have to all be done from scratch of course, as this project wasn’t the most stable or well coded bits of software! In fact, I can’t even find a backup of my work, so all that remains of it is some of the screenshots I took for my presentation, saved here for posterity.