On Syndicate

Since I started on my Syndicate Wars remake / OpenGL engine project, EA have announced a remake of their own, due out next month. In many ways it’s quite odd seeing such a complete reimagining of what Syndicate is – I had long since assumed the IP was dead and buried, and had several times wondered what additions and changes I’d make to Syndicate Wars to bring it up to date. It’s a shame to see it return as ‘just’ an FPS rather than the pseudo RTS of the original, especially so close on the heels of the new Deus Ex – I think the similarities between them in the art style and story background is going to make the new Syndicate feel a bit ‘me too’, even though they were developed concurrently and independently, with the long development time of AAA games leaving little time for ‘borrowed’ ideas, anyway.

This, combined with the return of the original Syndicate (and perhaps later Syndicate Wars) on the GOG download service is raising the level in interest for these original classics, so it’s a bit of a shame I haven’t made more progress with my own Syndicate Wars engine. It would have been nice to ‘show off’ a bit! Oh well 🙂

Work does slowly continue on new graphical features, partially as an offshoot of my work supporting the Graphics For Games MSc module at Newcastle University. My most recent addition is in ‘projective lighting’ – using the colour values of a projected texture as attenuation values in my lighting calculations. Integrating projective texturing as an additional step in my deferred renderer was a fun little project, and ended up replacing my old code for projecting sprites to use as shadows. It allows some neat little extra effects, as shown in the following screenshot:


In the future, headlights will project nyancats.

In the future, headlights will project nyancats.

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