Syndicate Wars Map Editing

Part of the fun in decoding the Syndicate Wars map format (beyond the excellent existing work by others) is in being able to make changes to a map, and put it back in the original game. Below are a couple of screenshots of the first Eurocorp level, with all of the ‘map furniture’ sprites changed to a) the big streetlights (which explode in quite a pleasing manner!) and b) the bizarre ‘Burning Man’ sprite easter egg from the New Delhi mission (press the ‘hide buildings’ button to see it!). Other things I’ve found include the tag which sets a section of the map as being water, and so should have a ‘wave’ animation effect – it’s quite disorienting seeing the entire map ‘wibble’ on screen! Also below is the earliest screenshot I can find of my engine, back when I was just getting started trying to think of what to do about lighting; you can see I’ve got the normals wrong on the landscape as there’s incorrect lighting everywhere – that’s what happens when you think normals are per triangle, rather than per vertex!

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